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Welcome to my Home

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Come on in and sit a spell. I’m Samantha (SG) and I founded Wyrd Coaching to help people who are tired of trying to continue the ‘normal’ illusion.


I am here to support you as you discover your truth, so you are able to flow through your life with energy and alignment for your specific purpose.


My Story

You may wonder why call it Wyrd? That’s a great question! Wyrd is a very old word, and goes back to the Nordic concept of ‘that which has not yet been fated’. Over time it has come to mean things like uncanny, fate, and even doom. To me, I love the play on words around the uncanny and the unfated. Breaking away from the normal is what sets us free to be ourselves. Normal is what I see as the ‘fated’ choice, breaking free is the Wyrd way.

Yes, as you may have guessed I believe in a variety of spiritual concepts and am reasonably educated on several unified religious theories. I don’t subscribe to any, but I do respect others’ beliefs. This is a safe space to explore and learn, no judgment here. That said, the Wyrd way of coaching is often very challenging because it is all about asking yourself the tough questions and being brave enough to answer them honestly. From there you get to decide, do you accept things as they are? Or do you take another step down the Wyrding way?

I am here to facilitate your work, to provide insight and support. Growth is not easy. Growth is not gentle. Growth is painful and hard and messy when you do it right. Think of birth, nothing pretty there, except the result. Inner work is the same, just a few less bodily fluids hit the floor. No less tears though.


My qualifications

I hold a Bachelor’s, Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology. I hold a Master’s, with full honors and distinctions, in Psychology – specifically Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Yes, you read that correctly. It is all about people in working groups and unless you are a hermit, you are in at least one working group most of the time. I have also spent 30-plus years in corporations providing executive support and coaching. I am an Ordained Minister, I can marry folks or provide last rights. I am a certified Life Coach. I have achieved more than 54 years on this planet.  I am a trauma survivor, a sexual assault survivor, a long-term life-threatening illness survivor, and I grew up in a very haunted house. I have seen some things and gotten a few tee shirts to commemorate that fact. I am Wyrd, and proud of it.

If you are interested, check out my podcast series Wryd Conversations or my blog page. There I will share my story, and other things that cross my mind or my path and chat with other like-minded Wyrd-o’s.

You have tried normal all these years. It’s an illusion.

Are you ready to discover your Wyrd?


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